Lie 19, 2014

Mink fur hats in Europe – where poppularity is biggest?


Mink-fur-hatsMink fur hats are getting more and more popular in whole world, especially in Europe. Anyway, even in Europe in some countries those hats aren‘t so popular, while in anothers they have really high popularity. Today we will talk about those, where mink fur hats has the biggest poppularity in Europe.

Scandinavian countries.
In all Scandinavian countries – Sweden,Finland and Norway and Iceland mink fur hats are really very popular. Firstly, it‘s so because of cold weathers in those countries, so mink fur hats are really usefull item to be safe in front of cold weather. As well, people in those countries have a lots of spare money, so they can spend them to mink fur hats even if they live in southern part of country – it‘s worth those money just for how beautiful it.

Central Europe.
People from Central Europe countries – France, Germany and Luxembourg, are crazy about mink fur hats as well. read more →